September 2003

A couple people switching around this month! Rebecca and Chris swapped 3rd and 4th place, with Rebecca coming out on top this time. And then at the top spot, Al, having grabbed a win last time around, gets 1st place retaken by Brandy, with the two of them switching 1st and second place. Congratulations to Brandy for winning once again!


Chad holds steady at number 5 with Marilyn Ivan and Ron bouncing around below that. Grandmother M holds her ground at tenth place, while my mom jumps in at 9th, bouncing Kelly and Erica off the bottom of the list.


No exciting schemes or anything to report in September. But that's quite all right. Just good normal email is fine!


Rank Total Name Address
1 249 Brandy Donaghy
2 201 Al Michael
3 181 Rebecca Livingston
4 125 Chris Morrow
5 109 Chad Hunter
6 60 Marilyn Dadowski
7 47 Iván Bou
8 41 Ron Adams
9 20 Ruth Brandon
10 11 Sue Minter


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