October 2003

The month of October saw a LOT of activity. There were seven people who sent more than 100 emails! That happens occasionally, but not all that often. The last time was in April, when there were 8 people sending more than 100 messages. A lot of this volume comes from a few conversations that happened with a good number of those making the top ten cc'd and contributing. But that doesn't account for all of it.


Realizing he was behind after taking some time off for his wedding and honeymoon (some excuse) Al decided he needed to catch up, and did things such as sending me the alphabet... one letter per email... several times. Along with several other similar things. He was clearly trying to take the number one spot this month. He came out two alphabets short. Brandy once again took the top spot. And remarkably, she did it all with real emails that actually contained actual sentences and conversation! Congratulations once again Brandy!


Also of note, Barb returns to the top ten after a couple months away. And Matt Wohl makes the top ten for the first time ever, squeaking in at #10 for the month. Congratulations Matt, and welcome to the top ten!


Rank Total Name Address
1 431 Brandy Donaghy brandydonaghy@comcast.net
2 409 Al Michael apmichael@cox.net
3 342 Chris Morrow morrowc@ops-netman.net
4 241 Rebecca Livingston reb@rebaroni.com
5 202 Barbara May bmay1@houston.rr.com
6 127 Iván Bou ivanbou1@mac.com
7 117 Chad Hunter cnh2r@aol.com
8 46 Marilyn Dadowski madcat2002@yahoo.com
9 40 Ron Adams creepyclassics@creepyclassics.com
10 38 Matt Wohl matthew_wohl@ml.com


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