August 2003

Well, well, well... what can I say. After several months of trying, Al finally succeeds this time around. Congratulations. Al wins August! Go Al! You can stop sending all the secret emails about the space time continuum now.


By winning, Al breaks Brandy's four month winning streak as her email volume declines quite a bit. Chris, Rebecca, Chad and Al all bounce around a little bit. Because August was a relatively slow email month, so Marilyn and Kelly both manage the unique trick of returning to the top ten list after an absence while actually sending less email than the month before! But welcome back in any case to both of you, as well as to my grandmother who returns to the list after a few months away.


And a special note for Erica, who makes the top ten for the first time ever. Congratulations Erica, and welcome! :-)


Rank Total Name Address
1 352 Al Michael
2 276 Brandy Donaghy
3 256 Chris Morrow
4 229 Rebecca Livingston
5 131 Chad Hunter
6 77 Iván Bou
7 64 Ron Adams
8 34 Marilyn Dadowski
9 16 Erica Livingston
10 15 Kelly McGowan
Sue Minter


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