November 2003

Barb made a valiant try in November for the #1 spot. She sent tons and tons of email... mostly forwards... but she also got into a sort of email fight with Al, Chris, Rebecca, Chad, Ivan and Erica... but made friends with Brandy and Marilyn apparently. Kelly was not involved. It was kind of amusing to watch, although I gather some of the participants got a little upset. I just watched from a safe distance. It was fun.


It was in vain though, as Brandy just kept chugging along during November and ended up sending almost twice as much mail as Barb. Brandy once again wins the monthly contest. Congrats! This makes Brandy the winner in 7 out of the last 8 months. (Al got in there somehow in August.)


Kelly and Erica also make the list again after two months of absence. Kelly returns with a new email address. Erica returns with the same one. Welcome back!


Rank Total Name Address
1 808 Brandy Donaghy
2 428 Barbara May
3 374 Al Michael
4 331 Chris Morrow
5 248 Rebecca Livingston
6 146 Chad Hunter
7 96 Marilyn Dadowski
8 60 Iván Bou
9 40 Erica Livingston
10 23 Kelly McGowan


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