July 2002

Chad is losing his touch. He once again loses first place to Rebecca. And in fact this means that six out of the past twelve months Chad has not won. Which makes for more variety on the list, which I enjoy, but it means Chad is not doing so well any more at his stated goal of always winning. Poor Chad.

No brand new people this month, although both Barb and Al drop off the list with old email addresses and come back on the list with brand spanking new email addresses for fun and profit. My mom also comes back onto the list after a brief absence. Marilyn falls off the list again as she goes into one of her periodic withdrawals from email. And again volume is low. Nobody with over 100 emails. But hey, it is summer. We all have better things to do in the summer, right?

Rank Total Name Address
1 88 Rebecca Livingston rebaroni@aol.com
2 82 Chad Hunter cnh2r@aol.com
3 47 Iván Bou ivanbou@compuserve.com
4 43 Chris Morrow morrowc@ops-netman.net
5 31 Barbara May lilysmom13@aol.com
6 29 Cynthia Minter cynminter@aol.com
7 24 Ron Adams creepyclassics@creepyclassics.com
Ruth Brandon arembe@mac.com
9 18 Kelly McGowan kmcgowan@na2.us.ml.com
10 16 Al Michael apmichael@cox.net

Jun Aug

Samuel Minter