June 2002

For the third month in a row there is a new person on the top ten this month. In March we had Mike, in April we had Ginny. Now for June we have Kelly making the list for the first time. Welcome Kelly. :-) Ginny drops off the list this month, as does my mom. My sister Cynthia returns strongly to the top ten after having fallen off earlier. We are still a little low on email volume for the top of the list, with only one person over 100 emails. That person is of course Chad, who wins as usual as of late. But unseen on this list is the fact that right under the top ten, I got a lot of additional email in June from various people after my radio piece, just not enough to make the top ten.

Rank Total Name Address
1 105 Chad Hunter cnh2r@aol.com
2 98 Rebecca Livingston rebaroni@aol.com
3 95 Cynthia Minter cynminter@aol.com
4 67 Iván Bou ivanbou@compuserve.com
5 62 Barbara May houstonqt@prodigy.net
6 46 Kelly McGowan kmcgowan@na2.us.ml.com
7 41 Chris Morrow morrowc@ops-netman.net
Marilyn Dadowski madcat2002@yahoo.com
9 34 Ron Adams creepyclassics@creepyclassics.com
10 17 Al Michael apmichael@earthlink.net

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