August 2002

Chad once again regains the top spot. But I think this is because Rebecca is scheming. I have noticed a pattern in her emails the last few months. In June she sent 98 messages. In July she sent 88. In August she sent 78. Exactly 10 fewer messages every month. If she turns in 68 emails in September, we will know it is all some sort of evil plan probably too horrible to imagine.

In other news, Ron falls off the top ten list. This is the first time Ron has not been on the list since October 1999. Almost 3 years. Woops. In his place, Marilyn pops back up onto the list, and onto the top 5, after having forgotten how to email in July.

Rank Total Name Address
1 98 Chad Hunter
2 78 Rebecca Livingston
3 69 Al Michael
4 50 Barbara May
5 41 Marilyn Dadowski
6 33 Cynthia Minter
7 27 Chris Morrow
8 21 Kelly McGowan
10 14 Iván Bou
4 43 Ruth Brandon

Jul Sep

Samuel Minter