September 2002

The top ten for September was rocked by a surprise winner out of the blue. Having last gotten the top spot in July 1997, over five years ago, and not having made a significant run at the #1 spot since, all of a sudden Barb sends a huge batch of email and takes the lead, just barely beating out frequent winner Rebecca. It seems Barb didn’t have much else to do in her last month of pregnancy than send lots of email to me. Welcome back to the top of the list Barb, and congratulations on the arrival of Lily!

Meanwhile, Chad drops way down to 4th place, which is low for him, and my mom and Marilyn drop off the list, making room for Ron and my grandmother. Welcome back to the list you two!

Rank Total Name Address
1 132 Barbara May
2 128 Rebecca Livingston
3 99 Al Michael
4 76 Chad Hunter
5 73 Ron Adams
6 51 Chris Morrow
7 40 Iván Bou
8 39 Kelly McGowan
9 24 Cynthia Minter
10 17 Sue Minter

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