November 1998

Well, last month's number one, Dawn, dissapeared completely in November, going from 305 messages in October to none at all in November. Apperantly she once again lost email access through work. Someday she may return. We shall see.

In the mean time, Rebecca took a commanding lead, car eclipsing all of the competition. Congratulations once again Rebecca.

Second place was a bit of a race, with Chad and Rеni close at each other for most of the month, with Rеni finally pulling ahead only in the last few days of the month.

Other than that November was a very low volume month. There was only one person with over 100 messages (Rebecca) as opposed to five people in October (Dawn, Rebecca, Rеni, Chad and Ron). I guess people are just huddling down for winter.

Dave Peru hits the list for the first time in November. Welcome Dave.

As Shannon Duff falls off the list... and for once her husband Jay does not come up on the list... this marks the first month since June 1997 that does not have at least one member of the Duff clan on the list. Usually whenever one falls off the other one replaces them. But not this time. No Duffs.

Rank Total Name Address
1 157 Rebecca Livingston
2 85 Rеnata Gorman
3 82 Chad Hunter
4 59 Al Michael
5 54 Ron Adams
6 36 Betsy Lott
7 30 Chris Morrow
8 21 Carrie Opheim
Iván Bou
10 13 Geoff Washburn
Dave Peru


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