December 1998

Another month, another top ten list. Ron went on an email binge and took the lead this time. Rebecca was a decent bit behind at second. Reni and Chad continue to slowly drop in their email volumes, while Chris seems to be ramping up and bursts upward into the top five.

Another notable event is that last month Carrie and Ivan tied for number eight with 21 messages. This month Carrie and Ivan tied for number eight with 22 messages. On top of that Betsy was number six with 36 messages in November, then this month is again number six with exactly 36 messages. These three folks are apperantly pretty consistant emailers. :-)

Suprisingly, email volume in general in December was up a bit. Usually December is a very slow month due to the holidays. Not that I'm complaining or anything.

Rank Total Name Address
1 189 Ron Adams
2 130 Rebecca Livingston
3 78 Reni Gorman
4 56 Chad Hunter
5 38 Chris Morrow
6 36 Betsy Lott
7 35 Al Michael
8 22 Carrie Opheim
Iván Bou
10 20 Kathy Gosselin

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