May 1998

The month of May started out with a bang, but then hit a wall and became boring. In approximately the first week of the month everybody was going nuts sending tons of mail. Then everything just suddenly slowed. People sent more mail, but with a couple of exeptions nobody passed anybody else. The exceptions were Dawn, who pulled from 6th place to 3rd place between the 12th and the 14th and Al and Jay switching places a couple of times and Ron and Shannon also switching place a couple of times. But those were fights for fifth place and eighth place. Boring.

Also boring is that Chad had first place from day one, and Rebecca had second place from day three, and they both held onto those places. No contest at all. Sigh!

This does mean that Chad once again pulls into the lead for the most months won in the history of the contest. Chad has now won 11 months with Rebecca trailing with 10 months won.

Kathy Gosseli also returns to the contest after almost a year away. Welcome back Kathy! Also Dawn lost her email at the end of May, so after making a strong showing for several months running and even getting the record for the most ever emails in a single month, we may not hear from her for awhile.

Linear Graph
Logarithmic Graph

1420Chad Hunter
2255Rebecca Livingston
3197Dawn Glazier
4145Chris Morrow
5128Jay Duff
6122Al Michael
794Iván Bou
842Ron Adams
940Shannon Duff
1028Kathy Gosseli