June 1998

The email volume in June was way down from May. And not really all that much excitement. As has been the pattern in most recent months, Chad took the lead on the very first day of the month, and nobody ever came close. Yawn.

There was a little bit of a battle for second place. Rebecca started out ahead, but all through the month an upstart newcomer, Reni, was nipping at Rebecca's heels. On the 25th Reni squeaked ahead and managed to keep that lead through the last week of the month and come through with a 2nd place finish. Not bad for the first time making the list. Most people, although there have been exceptions, start out low on the list and work their way up over a few months. Welcome to the list Reni.

The rest of the top ten were basically all in a muddle all month long. I guess there was somewhat of a batle for 4th place if you can call it that. It ended in tie between Al and Ron. But the total numbers were pretty low compared to what normally happens here. So that wasn't really all that exciting.

Betsy also made the list for the first time this month. Congratulations and welcome Betsy.

Linear Graph
Logarithmic Graph

Rank Total Name Address
1 290 Chad Hunter cnh2r@virginia.edu
2 138 Reni Gorman renshine@yahoo.com
3 117 Rebecca Livingston Rebaroni@aol.com
4 57 Al Michael micheli@vnet.net
Ron Adams bat13@westol.com
6 47 Iván Bou ivanbou@compuserve.com
7 37 Jay Duff maelstrom@cyberdude.com
8 34 Chris Morrow morrowc@his.com
9 31 Betsy Lott betsy.lott@netmanage.com
10 28 Kathy Gosseli kathyg@gwis2.circ.gwu.edu

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