Apr 1998

Things went into overdrive again this month. Six of the top ten sent more than 100 messages in April. That is a new record. People were going nuts. Especially in the last few days of the month. Things had been realitively calm, but one I put out the results for March, people went nuts. Especially Ivan and Chris, who started putting out much more email volume than their usual...

In fact the last day was a bit of a horse race. Ivan, Chad, Rebecca, Al and Chris had all been engaged in a flood of email... Chad was at the head of the bunch. Rebecca had just passed Ron and was catching up with Chad... Chris was catching up with Jay fast... then Ivan in the last couple of hours puts on the afterburners and sends 264 messages in rapid succession... he passes Jay, then Ron, then Rebecca, and then... with minutes to spare in the contest... he ties Chad... then, almost at the end... three more messages and Ivan beats Chad by a whisker!! Chad is defeated once again and Ivan is ready to take the crown for the first time in ages!!

But wait... No!! Unbenouced to all of those engaged in the frantic activity on this last day, there is another player, one who was not involved in the same email threads as the rest, but who after months of dissapointment without winning had decided this month to make the effort... who every day was consistantly putting out a steady stream of messages... The battle described above was indeed for second place, because from the very beginning of the month Dawn Glazier had taken the lead and held it. Not once had she fallen behind, and only in the very first days of the month had anybody even come close... not knowing she was far in the lead, Dawn also put on an extra effotr in the last few days... but one that put the others to shame... she averaged 133 messages a day for the last three days... as opposed to 97 messages a day for Ivan, and even less for the others.

But in any case, Dawn was the clear uncontested winner. And not only that, she set a new record... at a grand total of 949 messages in April, she handilly beat the old record Chad set exactly a year ago of 765 messages in a single month... She was a few mere messages away from hitting four digits, but that was not to be this time. I dare say though, 949 messages is quite impressive enough. Especially, I must add, because NONE of those messages were throw away messages with no new content. There were no repeats, there were no messages containing just a single word, etc. Very good job.

Congratulations on your first win Dawn, and on your new record. Unfortunately, Dawn has since lost her email, so this may be the first and only time. Oh well. Things happen I guess.

Marilyn also returns to the list for the first time in a year. Welcome back Marilyn.

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1949Dawn Glazier dglazier@lucent.com
2346Iván Bou ivanbou@compuserve.com
3343Chad Hunter cnh2r@virginia.edu
4249Rebecca Livingston Rebaroni@aol.com
5183Ron Adams bat13@westol.com
6124Jay Duff maelstrom@cyberdude.com
799Chris Morrow morrowc@his.com
849Geoff Washburn washburn+@cmu.edu
933Al Michael micheli@vnet.net
1026Marilyn Dadowski gcmd@sprynet.com