July 1998

Yawn. Once again Chad places first. This time sending more than four times as many messages than his closest competitor. Yawn, get a life Chad. :-)

The race for number two is a bit more interesting however. It seems to be where the action has been for the past few months. Bursting out opf the gate early and taking a suprise lead was Chris Morrow, who ended up grabbing second place away from his own wife, leaving Rebecca to settle for third place. I'm guessing Chris may get in trouble for his audacity in not letting her win. Meanwhile, Reni, the suprise upstart who stole second place from Rebecca in June, loses some momentum and falls to fourth place. She had a couple spurts of high energy in the middle of the month, but it wasn't quite enough to pull ahead of the competition.

The rest of the top just sort of muddled along. Email volume in general is down a bit over a few months ago when things were very active with many people over 100 messages a month. That is OK though, because I have been very busy and don't have the time to answer that much mail right now. Brent and Geoff do return to the list after absences though. Geoff had only been cone a couple months, but Brent had not made the list since August 1996... almost two years! So welcome back!

1550Chad Hunter cnh2r@virginia.edu
2157Chris Morrow morrowc@his.com
3148Rebecca Livingston Rebaroni@aol.com
4110 Reni Gorman renshine@yahoo.com
554Ron Adams bat13@westol.com
653Brent Thomas brentwood@netwiz.net
732Jay Duff maelstrom@cyberdude.com
826Geoff Washburn washburn+@cmu.edu
923Iván Bou ivanbou@compuserve.com
1021Kathy Gosseli kathyg@gwis2.circ.gwu.edu

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