Mar 1998

Finally a race!!! Chad was ahead for the first 10 days of the month. Then on March 11th Rebecca unleashed a barrage of messages and took the lead. But Chad came back to within a handful of email messages... And they stayed together message by message for many days... then Chad fell behind while he traveled to a conference and was away from email... but then he returned and battled back... and again Chad was only a handful of messages behind Rebecca... they continued neck and neck until the very last moments of the month... Rebecca sent her last message at 17:44 GMT on the last day... she had 263 messages. Chad had 255. Just an 8 message margin! Then at 23:06 GMT Chad started sending email! His first message said "There are still a few more hours left in the contest now, right? So here's one of the last ones for March. I could win again. But not necessarily." Then he sends another, and another... it seemed Chad was revving up for a last burst of email to take the lead... but then he paused! Apperantly confused by daylight savings time Chad was thinking he still had an hour left in the contest, but he was wrong... He started emailing again at 00:01 GMT, but it was already over... it was too late. Those messages will count for April. He had stopped and taken a break five messages short of Rebecca's total! He had lost.

The streak is broken! The reign of Chad has ended! Rebecca once again takes the throne!!

By winning this month, Rebecca once again ties the record for the most months won since the contest started (ten). Chad still holds the record for most consecutive wins (six).

In other news Dawn fell off the list with her old email address from her old job, but comes back strong placing twice on the list this month with two new email addresses. (One was a temporary transitional address which we will probably never see again.)

Also interesting is that we have two ties this month. There hadn't been any ties since July 1997, and there hadn't been two ties in the top ten since January 1997. Interesting. Well, not really, but I'll say so anyway.

Linear Graph
Logarithmic Graph

1263Rebecca Livingston
2258Chad Hunter
3110Ron Adams
460Iván Bou
550Dawn Glazier
636Jay Duff
727Carrie Opheim
826Geoff Washburn
Shannon Duff
1023Al Michael
Dawn Glazier