Aug 1997

The thing that is immediately striking about the month of August is that there are two people (Barb and Ron) that show up on the list twice because they shifted email addresses in the middle of the month. So two people control four of the ten slots on the list. And both of them took consecutive slots too, which is really rather neat. Barb got #4 and #5, Ron got #8 and #9. Ron was way down on the list and not really a player, but Barb was on an easy pace to take number one for a second month in a row. Then her email address changed and she was knocked down. Then as she was working to catch back up again and get back in the game she switched jobs and lost her email entirely. So she probably won't be back any time soon.

Also aggrivated by the two people hogging so many spaces on the list, the number of messages needed to make the list has risen once again. This month it took 45 messages to make the list. And for the first time ever there were people who sent more than one message per day who still did not make the list. (That would be Shannon Duff, Dawn Glazier and Ivan Bou.)

Now, I haven't actually mentioned the winner yet. Greg really went into overdrive this month, and as soon as Barb switched email addresses he took the lead and nobody ever came close from then on out. Now, this month Greg just won normally, but Greg has told me that he has a master plan for taking the record for most email sent in one month. He says the plan has begun, but will not be fully actualized for many months to come. Hmmmm....

Linear Graph
Logarithmic Graph

1397Greg Haverkamp
2239Chad Hunter
3151Geoff Washburn
4132Barbara Christman
593Barbara Christman
673Jay Duff
768Rebecca Livingston
865Ron Adams
947Ron Adams
1045Carrie Opheim