Sep 1997

Wow. With this top ten list I have been doing this "contest" for two years. Amazing that it is still going. But it has definately been fun, and it has helped me to keep in touch with lots of people and to get to know others better. We'll see how long I keep it up. I still like doing it and having it, but I'm getting more and more pressed for the time to keep it up. Anyway, for now it continues...

This month there was never a contest for number one. Chad started out ahead and nobody was ever even close. He just kept chugging along sending email. The real contests were lower down. For the first third of the month everybody except Chad was all together in a muddle, sending pretty much the same amount of mail. After the tenth though Dawn Glazier broke out of the pack and took the number two spot and held on to it... until around the 20th Rebecca started sending more email... as the last ten days of the month progressed Rebecca slowly but surely narrowed the gap... But with only hours to go in the month Dawn was still #2... then in the last hour of the contest Rebecca decided to send me about 60 messages... thus zooming past Dawn and taking the #2 slot from her with literally minutes left in September's contest.

Below that Ron, Geoff, Ivan and Al were all in a muddle staying close to each other the entire month. It would have been exciting had it been a battle for first place, but since it was a battle for fourth... Yawn! :-)

Linear Graph
Logarithmic Graph

1397Chad Hunter
2219Rebecca Livingston
3169Dawn Glazier
487Ron Adams
584Geoff Washburn
682Iván Bou
773Al Michael
846Carrie Opheim
934Jay Duff
1032Kyle Long