Jul 1997

The July Email Top Ten marks yet another record. For the first time ALL TEN ADDRESSES making the list averaged more than one message per day. To make it to the list you needed to send 39 messages. On most months the number needed has been in the teens. So everybody was sending LOTS of mail! Thanks!

There was no real horse race this month. Barb took the lead fairly early in the month and never looked back. Nobody was ever even close. Chad, who had held the lead for a number of months, dropped back by first changing email addresses early in the month, then by breaking his finger, which dramatically reduced his email volume for the rest of the month, although he still managed to place a healthy second, with a big gap before number three. The other eight addresses were all bunched up together all month with no one ever pulling far ahead of anybody else.

And this month actually managed to go by without anybody mounting an active campaign to win!! Whew! It is much better that way. Everybody just sent mail that had content and made sense, no wacky nonsense just for the purpose of winning the contest.

Linear Graph
Logarithmic Graph

1337Barbara Christman bchris@tomorrow.comneti.com
2141Chad Hunter cnh2r@virginia.edu
364Rebecca Livingston RebLiv@aol.com
458Geoff Washburn washburn+@cmu.edu
557Ron Adams bat@b4futures.net
Greg Haverkamp gregh@instinctive.com
752Carrie Opheim OpheimCJ@msx.upmc.edu
844Shannon Duff happily@attached.com
942Chad Hunter cnh2r@watt.seas.virginia.edu
1039Jay Duff maelstrom@cyberdude.com