Sep 1996

September was kind of a funny month, and once again I got swamped with email. As the month started Ron and Kyle and I were on a strange three way back and forth email trip. Exponential growth caused it to go out of control. At one point I had over 500 messages in my inbox waiting to be answered. It was insane. Then just as that was dying down Rebecca decided that once and for all, she was going to attempt to win the contest. So she started deluging me with lots of... interesting email. And on the last day of the contest... in the last HOUR of the contest... she sent me 118 more messages. Just to be sure.

As it turns out it was unneccessary. Rebecca had surpassed her closest competition on September 16th (my birthday by the way) and from that point on completely blew away everybody else.

As usual, I provide a graph of all those people who averaged more than one message per day.


In addition, since September marks a FULL YEAR of this email contest, a special report has been prepared.

1595Rebecca Livingston
2240Ron Adams
3162Kyle Long
455Marilyn Dadowski
535Al Michael
634Jay Duff
718Ruth Minter
815Geoff Miller
913Shannon Nixon
107Greg Haverkamp