Aug 1996

August was a very interesting month for the email competition. Marilyn fell out of first place and into third due to the fact that she decided that she didn't want to speak to me for a couple of weeks in the middle of the month. But oddly enough, despite also ceasing to speak to me, Shannon did not fall in the standings, but instead placed better than ever before. Wierd.

Meanwhile for various reasons, Ivan, Greg and Kathy fell completely off the top ten list for the first time since it was started. This leaves Rebecca as the ONLY person who has been on all eleven top ten lists, and in that time she never fell below fourth place. Congratulations Rebecca.

Now, as old people dropped off, new people showed up. Brent returns to the top ten list after a long absence, and there are three new people: Kyle, Geoff, and Ruth (my mom). Welcome aboard newcomers! Come back often!

As usual, I provide a graph of all those people who averaged more than one message per day. This month there were only three such people, but there was a close race for second place, so it is still an interesting graph.


1370Ron Adams
2275Rebecca Livingston
3264Marilyn Dadowski
416Shannon Nixon
Jay Duff
615Kyle Long
714Al Michael
813Geoff Miller
911Ruth Minter
109Brent Thomas