May 1996

Well, May has come and gone, and Greg has finally achieved his goal... he has won the monthly contest without any strange and questionable tactics. Congratulations Greg!

Meanwhile, while nobody even came close to Greg, there was a heated four way battle for second place. Now, two of the four were actually the same person, but that's what happens when people have multiple email addresses. This particular time through the list, there are THREE people who appear twice. I think these people need to stick to one address! :-)

And finally, for the first time ever there were SEVEN people who averaged more than one message per day. Of course I've made a graph. It shows the progress through the month of each of the seven.


1159Greg Haverkamp
2109Ron Adams
3101Rebecca Livingston
499Ron Adams
587Chris Morrow
644Marilyn Dadowski
740Iván Bou & Kathy Wilson
830Chris Morrow
928Rebecca Livingston
1012Al Michael
Shannon Nixon