Apr 1996

The first half of April was vary slow when it came to email. That is probably somehow related to Chris and Rebecca getting married, although I don't claim to completely understand. Despite this Ron took the lead early and kept a steady pace. No one even came close... until the next to last day.

On the 29th of April Greg decided to do what Radix described as a "Mail-bombing". Greg attempted to send me 500 one line email messages within the space of a couple of minutes using a program he had written. This choked up the mail system and Radix was forced to shut off my email for a couple of hours to clear the mess. Only the first 250 or so of Greg's messages got through but it was enough to put him in first place. I debated not counting these messages, but in the end they were counted.

Nevertheless... Everybody pay attention: Do not do this again! I like getting email from my friends. But I strongly prefer mail with real content. Ivan with his numbers in February, and Greg with his "bombing" in April were quite enough. Please send me real email. Thank you.

Of course I've made graphs. They show the progress through the month of each of the five addresses that averaged more than one message per day.


1336Greg Haverkamp gregh@oec.com
2112Ron Adams abulsme@crack.evo.org
361Iván Bou & Kathy Wilson 72700.3165@compuserve.com
447Rebecca Livingston RebLiv@aol.com
Marilyn Dadowski dadowski+@andrew.cmu.edu
619Rebecca Livingston Rebbie@aol.com
714Beth Trapani bt25+@andrew.cmu.edu
88Bill Minter wminter@igc.apc.org
97Shannon Nixon slnst7+@pitt.edu
106Jay Duff jduff@winkcomm.com
Carrie Abels Cabels5726@aol.com