Jun 1996

For once we have a normal month. Nobody was trying any funny business to try to win the contest. This is a definate improvement.

Unfortunately Marilyn discovered that she had a lot of free time at work and thus began flooding me with email. Thus she has won this month. Congratulations Marilyn!

Of course I've made graphs. They show the progress through the month of each of the five addresses that averaged more than one message per day.


1237Marilyn Dadowski md3j+@andrew.cmu.edu
2165Ron Adams bat@dhp.com
351Rebecca Livingston RebLiv@aol.com
450Iván Bou & Kathy Wilson 72700.3165@compuserve.com
535Jay Duff jduff@winkcom.com
625Greg Haverkamp gregh@oec.com
715Chris Morrow morrowc@his.com
814Shannon Nixon NIXONSL@rcn.wpic.pitt.edu
912Bill Minter wminter@igc.apc.org
Chris Morrow morrowc@mrj.com