Mar 1996

Whew! Back to normal! I got a lot of mail in March, but nothing like last month! It turned out to be a real horserace for most of the month. In fact, on the 19th, the addresses who ended up in the top 5 were all within a couple of messages of each other. But then someone pulled out and took the lead and kept it. It is also interesting to note that this month Rebecca shows up with two addresses. If she had sent all her mail from one address she would have won... barely.

Once again I've made a graph. (I like graphs.) It shows the progress through the month of each of the five addresses that averaged more than one message per day. This is the first time there have been five in that category. Keep it up!


1100Ron Adams
266Rebecca Livingston
359Iván Bou & Kathy Wilson
454Greg Haverkamp
541Rebecca Livingston
622Jay Duff
713Marilyn Dadowski
810Bill Minter
98Skip Eady
105Chris Morrow