Feb 1996

February was insane! For the previous four months Rebecca has held the #1 position and Ivan & Kathy have been at #2. In February Greg decided that he wanted to be #1. Rebecca got wind of this plan and decided that she would not let this happen. An email war ensued. Greg and Rebecca each began to send me huge amonts of email. Meanwhile, unbenounced to Greg and Rebecca, Ivan (with some help from Kathy) decided to beat both of them. Several other people put up noble efforts, but didn't quite make it into the top tier.

I was swamped with email, but it was fun. As it turns out, the lead changed hands several times over the course of the month, and the winner did not take the lead until the last day. To show the horserace, I have produced two graphs showing the progress of the four people who averaged more than one message per day. Take a look!


1644Ivan Bou & Kathy Wilson 72700.3165@compuserve.com
2544Greg Haverkamp gregh@oec.com
3242Rebecca Livingston RebLiv@aol.com
467Ron Adams abulsme@crack.evo.org
524Jay Duff jduff@winkcomm.com
613Shannon Nixon slnst7+@pitt.edu
79Kurt Haase khaase@hearst.com
88Al Michael MichaeAP_at_SOABAR-GSO@email.averydennison.com
Marilyn Dadowski dadowski+@andrew.cmu.edu
107Chris Morrow morrowc@his.com