Jul 1996

Once again a very active month. Not much competition for #1. Marilyn blew everbody away again. I think she is just way too bored at work. But then again, so am I.

Another thing to note is that there was a quite noticible slowdown in the middle of the month when a bunch of us were on vaction. It also seems that Ivan stopped sending any email around the 11th. I anticipate he will be back (perhap with a new email address) next month. Also noticible is #6, Jason suddenly sends me mail out of the blue after years of absense.

Nothing much else to note except the graphs. They show the progress through the month of each of the five addresses that averaged more than one message per day.


1305Marilyn Dadowski md3j+@andrew.cmu.edu
2148Ron Adams bat@dhp.com
346Rebecca Livingston RebLiv@aol.com
441Al Michael micheli@vnet.net
531Iván Bou 72700.3165@compuserve.com
622Jason Milletary jm8k@andrew.cmu.edu
720Shannon Nixon NIXONSL@rcn.wpic.pitt.edu
817Greg Haverkamp gregh@oec.com
916Jay Duff jduff@winkcom.com
1015Kathy Wilson Tiano@aol.com