March 2001

As I've been watching things, I had been anticipating that April will be an interesting month when it comes along, but I just hadn't been paying attention. As I counted the results for March, I realized things were already interesting in March.

There were two ties, including one for #10, so there are 11 people on the top ten this month. Al, Ivan and Chad *all* drop out of the top five. There hasn't been a month where at least one of those three wasn't on the top ten since February 1997! You guys are losing your form and giving up the top spots! :-)

And nobody was over 100 messages for the month this month. A slow email month. :-)

Rank Total Name Address
1 96 Ron Adams
2 87 Rebecca Livingston
Chris Morrow
4 68 Cynthia Minter
5 63 Marilyn Dadowski
6 58 Chad Hunter
7 43 Iván Bou
8 25 Shannon Duff
9 24 Kathy Wilson
10 22 Al Michael
Barbara Christman

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