February 2001

Well, time for the results from February. No real shocks or excitement or anything too unusual... *except*... in February 2001, for the first time ever, my sister Cynthia came in at #1 on my monthly top ten email list. Not only winning, but sending FOUR TIMES more mail than the closest competitor. Congratulations Cynthia! I'll expect this won't be the last time either!

One other "odd" fact about this month. Although I haven't gone back and checked through the years of archives to be sure, this is certainly the first time I can remember where NOBODY fell off the list between months. People shuffled around on the list a bit... Cynthia and Chad swapped places at #1 and #2, Ivan and Chris switched places at #5 and #8, and Marilyn and Kathy swapped places at #9 and #10. Everybody else stayed at exactly the same place. And everybody who did move, just swapped places with someone. Very odd.

Rank Total Name Address
1 469 Cynthia Minter CynMinter@aol.com
2 117 Chad Hunter cnh2r@aol.com
3 112 Rebecca Livingston Rebaroni@aol.com
4 83 Al Michael apmichael@earthlink.net
5 62 Iván Bou ivanbou@compuserve.com
6 59 Ron Adams bat13@westol.com
7 35 Barbara Christman freespiritcba@aol.com
8 34 Chris Morrow morrowc@ops-netman.net
9 27 Marilyn Dadowski madcat2002@yahoo.com
10 23 Kathy Wilson kwilson@negia.net

Jan Mar