May 2000

Once again a top ten list. I don't have much time today, so I won't write very much. It was a good email month. Nice volume, but no insanity. That's always good. I will make just a couple of quick notes. Cynthia breaks into the top five for the first time this month. Welcome! Meanwhile, Chris changed email addresses in May, and so makes the list twice this month at #5 and #9. If he'd sent all that email from one account he would have been #5, but he didn't, so he isn't. Also Kathy hangs tenaciously onto #10.

Rank Total Name Address
1 409 Chad Hunter
2 267 Al Michael
3 208 Rebecca Livingston
4 136 Iván Bou
5 96 Cynthia Minter
6 75 Chris Morrow
7 56 Marilyn Dadowski
8 49 Ron Adams
9 38 Chris Morrow
10 18 Kathy Wilson

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