April 2000

Another month come and gone. They go so darn fast! Just a few things to remark on this time around.

So first, Ivan was not able to keep up his momentum from last month. As you may recall, last month Ivan made a special effort while trying to beat the all time record for most email in one month. Last month he failed, but even so had an impressive 1402 messages. This time, while he managed to stay in the top five, he dropped to only 159 emails. Still high for Ivan though.

Cynthia and Shannon both return to the list after one month absences. They weren't gone for all that long though. But on the other hand, this month Kathy Wilson returned to the top ten list after a very LONG absence... the last time Kathy made the top ten list was February 1997. That's over three years ago! Now, I'm not sure if that is a record for the longest absence from the list, but it is certainly up there! So welcome back Kathy!

Rank Total Name Address
1 362 Chad Hunter cnh2r@virginia.edu
2 234 Al Michael apmichael@earthlink.net
3 176 Chris Morrow morrowc@his.com
4 165 Rebecca Livingston Rebaroni@aol.com
5 156 Iván Bou ivanbou@compuserve.com
6 43 Ron Adams bat13@westol.com
Cynthia Minter CynMinter@aol.com
8 29 Marilyn Dadowski marilyn.dadowski@mail.sprint.com
9 27 Shannon Duff shanequa@interaccess.com
10 19 Kathy Wilson kwilson@negia.net

Mar May