October 1999

Well, lets start off by saying that Al came across in the number one spot and nobody was anywhere near him. Is this the start of a new dynasty? Or just a temporary phenomenon? Rebecca and Chad hold steady in their places.

This month the people falling OFF the list are actually some of the more interesting to note. First of all, there is Randy, who made a drive in September to be highest debut on the list, which he managed. Soon into October though, he sent the following:

"Now that the September mail contest month is over, I really don't have that much incentive to write to you any more."

And indeed, he only sent four messages in the month, and fell off the list.

Meanwhile, Ron Adams, who I guess was just busy with Halloween stuff, dropped off the email list for the first time since JANUARY 1996!!! That's almost four years since Ron dropped off the list, and before that Ron didn't have email. So for the very first time since he's had email, Ron Adams drops off the list. I think he will be back though.

At the same time, Kyle for the eight millionth time, had his computer break on him or some such, and was no longer able to log in to check his mail. So he drops off again.

And finally, Barb, who had returned to the list after an absence, leaves it once again because her fiance decided that it was a bad thing for her to be talking to me at all, me being sort of an ex-boyfriend and all. So all email from her ceased.

And of course while all this was going on, the Merrill Philosophy Club added me to their email chains on various epistemological concerns and thus Brian, Dave and Alex pop upward onto the list for a blip.

And finally, Shannon Duff returns to the list after a bit of an absence, because suddenly she decided it was time to send me more jokes.

And that is the action on this list this month.


Rank Total Name Address
1 377 Al Michael apmichael@earthlink.net
2 281 Rebecca Livingston Rebaroni@aol.com
3 198 Chad Hunter cnh2r@virginia.edu
4 123 Iván Bou ivanbou@compuserve.com
5 79 Chris Morrow morrowc@his.com
6 40 Brian Marasca BMarasca@na2.us.ml.com
7 28 Dave Peru DPeru@na2.us.ml.com
8 25 Shannon Duff happily@attached.com
9 20 Carrie Opheim OpheimCJ@msx.upmc.edu
10 18 Alex Zauderer AZauderer1@na2.us.ml.com

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