November 1999

Time once again for a top ten list. Yum, yum, yum. This is another month where nothing too extraordinary went on. Nobody was making an all out effort to win or anything. Which means we have somewhat normal results. Al slowed down a bit and Chad sped up though, so Chad takes the top spot again for the fist time since July. Rebecca hangs steady at number two.

Meanwhile, the crew from work, Brian, Dave and Alex plummet from the list. Well... in October I was getting bombarded by tons of philosophical emails that I didn't have time to respond to. (Although I did usually read them.) So at one point I actually asked to not be cc'd if I was not directly involved. Instantly I ceased getting mail from any of them. Now I feel bad! I didn't meant to completely shun them! Oh well... Carrie also fell off the list, but she usually comes back.

But their absence made room on the list for some new entries... Ron returned to the list after having disappeared last month after previously NEVER missing a month on the top ten... Dawn returns for the first time since she got #1 on the list back in October 1998. That was a long absence, welcome back Dawn! Shannon Duff ends up appearing TWICE on this months top ten list, because she started using a new address in the middle of the month, and both sent enough to make the list. And finally Marilyn makes the list again this month for the first time since April 1998. That's an even longer absence than Dawn. Welcome back Marilyn!

Not much else to say this time around.

Rank Total Name Address
1 301 Chad Hunter
2 258 Rebecca Livingston
3 252 Al Michael
4 130 Chris Morrow
5 90 Iván Bou
6 83 Ron Adams
7 50 Dawn Glazier
8 38 Shannon Duff
9 18 Shannon Duff
Marilyn Dadowski

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