May 1999

Well, another month another list. Nobody was actually TRYING to win in May, so nothing all that exciting happened. The usual people who make it every month were all there. Given the lack of a real contest Rebecca showed surprisingly high volume, but that's quite all right. Several of the new people who showed up on the list in April due to an odd four-way email discussion that popped up dropped right back up again, and a few folks returned to the lists after absences.

While Reni, Carrie and Kathy return after absences of only one month, more notable is Greg Haverkamp, returning to the list after a long absence, having last made it in December 1997. Also noteworthy is Kristina's entrance to the top ten list. After discovering the existence of the list she made a concerted effort to make sure she got on the list in May, and she did. Welcome aboard Kristina!

Well, nothing all that exciting in May in terms of a horse race or anything, and more importantly I am very crunched for time at the moment, so that's about all I have to say this month.

Rank Total Name Address
1 453 Rebecca Livingston
2 265 Chad Hunter
3 175 Chris Morrow
4 146 Al Michael
5 65 Ron Adams
6 52 Reni Gorman
7 50 Iván Bou
8 42 Kristina Wagner
9 27 Greg Haverkamp
10 26 Carrie Opheim
Kathy Gosselin


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