March 1999

Wow. Wow Wow. Wow, wow, wow!

March was absolutely insane. Insane I tell you. Insane. The linkes of this have not been seen before. At the end of February I revealed to all that Rebecca had the goal of being #1 every month in 1999. In January she had been challenged by her own husband (he failed) but noone else knew of her devious plans. But now, for March, all was laid bare. The challenge was on. People took this seriously. People went CRAZY.

February was a slow month. March was could not be considered slow by any stretch of the imagination. I had been keeping up with my email. By the end of March I was hopelessly behind.

For a taste of this, lets consider the last 48 hours of March. In the last 48 hours of March, the major players... Rebecca, Al and Chad... collectively sent me 1798 messages. Just between the three of them. Without even considering the other folks. For the last 48 hours of the month, Al wins the prize. Al sent me 742 messages in that 48 hours compared to 606 from Rebecca and a measly 449 from Chad.

Do you hear me? Chad sends 448 messages in 48 hours... more than enough to win the contest for the entire month in most months... and yet it is still MEASLY compared to Rebecca and Al's powerhouse performances in those two days. And forget 48 hours... Al and Rebecca both bust the 500 messages in a single day barrier. Al with 527 on the 30th, and Rebecca with 578 messages on the 31st. Now, OK 578 messages in a day is ONLY one message every 2.5 minutes all day long. That isn't that bad. At least not if you NEVER SLEEP OR LEAVE YOUR COMPUTER.

INSANE I tell you! Insane!!!!!

Now, yes, the last 48 hours were especially out of control. But in fact the whole month was pretty high volume. Well... not from everybody though. Al sent over 60% of his messages in the last two days. Before that he had huge gaps of time with no email at all. And just smatterings with 40 messages one day, 50 another. No consistancy there.

Rebecca was much more consistant that Al. Only 2 days the entire month over 100 messages, but with only two zero message days she consistantly was turning in days with a decent number of messages. 40 here, 50 there... but no long gaps wiothout email like Al. Her last 48 hours accounted for only 42% of her email.

So, all in all, there were THREE people with *OVER ONE THOUSAND* messages over the course of the month. With Al's big 527 message push on the 30th he moved ahead of Rebecca leaving her more than 100 messages behind. But Rebecca's 578 message push on the 31st, with Al slacking off with only 216 that day, pulled her ahead to a decicivel lead over Al. Poor Al. He was really hoping to win this month. But no, Rebecca pulls it out and crushes Al!!

Oh wait though... in my discussion of consistancy and missing days I seem to have forgotten Chad. After all, he only sent 448 messages in those last 48 hours. Not even close to Rebecca and Al. Hmmm... what about Chad.

Well... To put it simply... Chad took the lead on March 3rd, put in *ten* one hundered email plus days, never missed a single day of email, averaged over 90 messages a day, and left both Rebecca and Al in the dust. Neither one of them was even close all month long, and both of their pitiful attempts in the last 48 hours could not even bring them *ANYWHERE* near Chad, who ended the month with almost double the email Rebecca sent. Chad not only broke the one thousand email mark, he blew through the two thousand email mark, and was within a hair's breadth of touching the three thousand email mark. What can I say? Chad just completely and totally crushed all the competition.

So, sorry Rebecca... looks like 1999 will not be your year to win all 12 months.

Rank Total Name Address
1 2818 Chad Hunter
2 1454 Rebecca Livingston
3 1205 Al Michael
4 298 Chris Morrow
5 105 Reni Gorman
6 81 Ron Adams
7 40 Carrie Opheim
8 39 Kathy Gosselin
9 32 Iván Bou
10 31 Geoff Washburn

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