Nov 1997

Well, Chad has now won first place three times in a row. Now, in an earlier streak Chad won four months in a row before being dethroned, and the actual record is Rebecca winning five months in a row, so this in itself isn't that significant, but I believe that the margins by which Chad has been winning are unprecidented. This time he once again sent more than three times as many messages as the closest competition.

For second place Geoff, Dawn, Ron and Rebecca were pretty close to each other all month. I must again point out that Ron and Geoff are getting a bit of an unfair boost because they are sending me some work related email to me. Oh well. Geoff ended up pulling ahead of Dawn in the last week or so, once again denying her second place, which she has been striving toward for the last three months.

Perhaps December will be Dawn's month? Or will Dawn barely miss 2nd place yet again? Will Chad manage to make it four months in a row at the top of the list? Or will he fall from his perch? Will it be the same standard people on the list? Or will there be new suprises? We'll see...

And for that matter... December marks the end of 1997... so how will the top ten of 1997 come out? Ah yes, the suspense builds...

Linear Graph
Logarithmic Graph

1298Chad Hunter
282Geoff Washburn
360Dawn Glazier
447Ron Adams
545Rebecca Livingston
630Carrie Opheim
727Iván Bou
815Al Michael
913Shannon Duff
1010Ruth Brandon