Dec 1997

Some interesting things actually happened this month. Well, I thought it was intersting as it was happening anyway. Chad had slowed down significantly because of finals. Meanwhile Dawn had gone into overdrive and was sending tons of messages. If Chad kept going slow and Dawn kept going fast, she might actually be able to win and take the number one spot!!!

And then, one day before Christmas and New Year's, Jay Duff made an attempt to take the top ten by force. He sent 1000 messages in the course of a couple of minutes. Yes, indeed, it was another automated email bombing. Now in general, automated email is simply against the rules of the contest. It says so on my webpages. On a couple of occations in the past (once with Greg and once with Barb) I have let "questionable" occurances count. Either because there was some question as to if it was intentional, or because even while automated it was restrained and actually very interesting in the content of the messages sent. These messages were uncreative and all the same except for a count. "This is message #456, I will definately win the contest now" type stuff. And it really was a bit excessive. So, like another mail bombing from last year from someone at CMU, I decided that by no means would this one count. Too bad Jay. You suck. Try it legitimately next time. Rather than the 1013 messages Jay expected, he only gets credit for 13, and doesn't even make the list.

Now back to the Dawn vs. Chad battle. After the 15th of the month, Dawn sent more mail than Chad on almost every single day. I started cheering her on, encouraging more mail... but it was not enough. In the first half of the month Chad had already built up a huge lead. Even when Dawn was beating Chad day by day, it wasn't enough to close the gap all that much. So, once again, Chad wins the top ten. Dawn came in a very heathy second. Nobody else was even close.

The only other significant event was that Rebecca takes two spots in December, one with her old email address at AOL which is now dead, and a second time with her brand new address all shiny and sparkling.

But will anyone ever beat Chad again? We shall see. Nobody hjjas come close in months, but 1998 awaits.

Linear Graph
Logarithmic Graph

1333Chad Hunter
2231Dawn Glazier
366Rebecca Livingston
463Geoff Washburn
550Shannon Duff
647Ron Adams
723Carrie Opheim
818Iván Bou
916Greg Haverkamp
1014Rebecca Livingston