May 1997

Well, I must say, this month was pretty boring. Not that I mind that or anything. It was pretty nice to not have anybody actually TRYING to win the contest! I've actually been able to keep up with my mail for a little while!

Basically this month Chad took the lead on the second day and never looked back. Chad was the only one sending high volumes of mail this month. He apperantly still hadn't gotten over the impuse to send tons of unneccessary mail.

Meanwhile, Barb got a good jump from the first day of the month, as a sort of spill over from her attempt to win in April. But then her mail slowed to an absolute trickle beacuse her boss at work was being mean.

Everybody else was just way behind in quantity, but the quality of messages was up this month. That is a good thing. We'll see if this trend continues in the next couple months. I have my doubts!

And oh yeah, welcome to Dawn, making the list for the first time this month.

Linear Graph
Logarithmic Graph

1338Chad Hunter
294Barbara Christman
367Ron Adams
454Rebecca Livingston
543Jay Duff
630Kyle Long
721Dawn Glazier
Greg Haverkamp
917Shannon Duff
1013April Moate