Apr 1997

So OK, this month several new people realized the existance of this list. Of course these people tried to send me lots of mail. I'm getting used to this pattern now. This time it was the "Dark Side" from Chicago. Last month Jay Duff fell off the list. But in his place were his wife Shannon Duff, his brother Rick Duff, and Barbara Christman who is somehow entangled with all of them. Jay threw up the challenge that this group would take over the list.

Meanwhile, Barbara just plain wanted to win. The efforts of the Duff trio was noble, but paled in comparison to that of Barb. According to her email, now that she knew such a contest existed, Barb just had to win. Had to. There was no question. She started sending more and more mail as the days went on. Unfortunately, most of it was just the same six jokes... over and over and over again... (At least at first.)

On April 22nd Barb claimed that her "email went insane". According to her it was a completely unintentional glitch that caused 209 copies of the same few messages to arrive in my mailbox within a five minute period. Uh Huh. Whatever you say Barb.

After that mailbomb as I slowly plowed through and answered each and every one of those messages I was sure that Barb had the April contest locked up. There was just so much of this stuff... she had to have won.

Or so I thought... I had forgotten somebody... I noticed the huge mass of mail from Barb because it arrived in huge lumps... 200 one day, 50 another, 40 yet another... but while that was going on... another person was in the background... one whose email volume was just a steady presence through the whole month... so steady that I had just gotten used to it. 25 messages a day or so. Not so much to be overwhelming... but just always there in the background...

When you add it all up, the record for the most email messages in one month is broken for the second month in a row. Yes, indeed, Chad Hunter broke his own record this month. And in the process sent nearly double the amount of email Barb sent. Chad had a healthy lead all month. Barb only came close on the day she sent the 209 message mailbomb. On that day she narrowed the gap to about 150 messages.

So congratulations once again Chad. You can slow down now.

And I suppose the "Dark Side" from Chicago should also be congratulated. You did manage to place four people in the Top 10, includeing 3 in the Top 5. Good job. You can all slow down now too. Perhaps we can all just make May a nice normal month?? Nah... :-)

(Oh yeah, and Rebecca returned to the list after her email boycott in March... and placed decently, but not up to her old standards. Several other people returned to the list after absences too... welcome back!)

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1765Chad Hunter cnh2r@watt.seas.virginia.edu
2399Barbara Christman bchris@tomorrow.comneti.com
3116Ron Adams bat@b4futures.net
4100Jay Duff jduff@winkcomm.com
550Shannon Duff happily@attached.com
649Rebecca Livingston RebLiv@aol.com
719Al Michael micheli@vnet.net
816Marilyn Dadowski md3j+@andrew.cmu.edu
913Kyle Long spontz@nidlink.com
1011Carrie Opheim OpheimCJ@msx.upmx.edu
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