Nov 1996

Well, another month has come and gone. November was one of those rare months where nobody was actively trying to win the email contest. And since I was running as far as two weeks behind answering my mail, people started sending me less. The rate I was getting email dropped from about 450 messages per week at the beginning of the month to about 250 messages per week at the end of the month. (See the graph.)

This month was actually fairly boring. After the 6th of the month when Rebecca overtook Shannon for the lead the Top 5 were all set. For a little while the Top 2 were close, but basically things just plodded along. And for the most part, with a couple of exceptions, this month's list looks almost the same as last month's. Boring!

I do however want to congratulate Teresa. She had decided this month to try to make the list for the first time. She put some effort into it and succeeded. Congratulations Teresa.

As usual, you can look at the graph for the five people sending more than one message per day.

Linear Graph

1232Rebecca Livingston
2155Shannon Nixon
381Ron Adams
467Marilyn Dadowski
546Jay Duff
623Greg Haverkamp
721Teresa Brunson
819Al Michael
912Ruth Minter
109Iván Bou