Dec 1996

A couple new names on the list this month. Welcome Kevin and April. Well, April made the list a year ago, but it has been a long time. So welcome back. Also, Shannon makes the list this month with a new and improved email address.

Kevin's placement was kind of one of those cheat wins. He just wanted to make the list, so sent me a bunch of junk messages. Sigh! Oh well. That's OK. I've come to expect that by now. :-)

Mail volume itself was down a bit at the end of December because of the holidays and such, however December still saw SEVEN people average more than one message per day. That's a tie for the most ever. I'm impressed. Despite the Christmas holiday I still got TONS of mail.

Not much else to say this month. As usual Rebecca won. Yawn! No real competition for a few months now.

Linear Graph

1222Rebecca Livingston
2131Ron Adams
3118Marilyn Dadowski
475Kevin Angelone
574Jay Duff
658Greg Haverkamp
742April Moate
829Shannon Nixon
921Al Michael
1013Teresa Brunson