July 2004

Not a huge amount of action again this month. But healthy amounts of email from the usual suspects. Matt drops off the list to be replaced by Kelly. Otherwise, people floated up and down a little, but not much change. Chris added a little volume, and took the lead from Matt, who essentially disappeared for July. And that was that. Go Chris.


Rank Total Name Address
1 210 Chris Morrow morrowc@ops-netman.net
2 132 Al Michael apmichael@cox.net
3 113 Brandy Donaghy brandydonaghy@comcast.net
4 74 Brandy Donaghy brandy@abulsme.com
5 58 Rebecca Livingston reb@rebaroni.com
6 47 Chad Hunter cnh2r@aol.com
7 37 Barbara May bmay1@houston.rr.com
8 34 Kelly McGowan kelly_mcgowan@ml.com
9 32 Erica Livingston erica_livingston@hotmail.com
10 31 Marilyn Dadowski madcat2002@verizon.net


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