May 2003

The big news for May was not who won. We'll get to who won in a minute. But first there is who did not win. Specifically who did not make the top ten at all. Ivan dropped off the top ten this month, but he's dropped off fairly frequently in the past (most recently November 2002).


But, this time, *CHAD* falls off the top ten list. This is the first time Chad has not made the top ten list since December 1996. Almost seven years! And in December 1996 back to the beginning of this contest, Chad did not have email. So this is the first time since the contest started that Chad had email access but did not make the top ten. A couple years back Chad was consistently pulling in #1 performances. Then he started just getting in the top 5 most of the time. Then he dropped to the bottom half of the top ten. Now he is dropping out. My how the mighty have fallen! What has happened to you Chad? Come back Chad! :-)


And now on the upward side. Ron had fallen off in earlier months and determined to do well in May. He turned in a quite respectable performance at #2, but I think he had been hoping for #2. Brandy comes in first for the second month in a rwo, putting in another strong performance. Go Brandy! Barb also returns with her new email address, and Cynthia pops back into the top five with a big email spurt. Kelly drops way down in email volume. Something about being busy at work or something.


Oh, one more note. I had another email problem at the end of May. I let my hard drive get 100% full and that caused all kinds of problems, including corrupting some email. I didn't even realize it had happened until I sat down to count the email. It looks though like the COUNT of emails was not effected, just the content of some of the emails were scrambled. Which I am very upset about, but should not affect this count.


Rank Total Name Address
1 287 Brandy Donaghy
2 247 Ron Adams
3 175 Al Michael
4 137 Chris Morrow
5 118 Cynthia Minter
6 110 Rebecca Livingston
7 80 Marilyn Dadowski
8 69 Kelly McGowan
9 65 Barbara May
10 46 Greg Haverkamp


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