November 2002

This is a very interesting month. Over the last few years, although there have been some ups and downs, there has been a core group that always sent a bunch of email: Rebecca, Chris, Al, Chad and Ivan.

In the 86 months I have been doing this list:

6 months these five actually were the top five...
27 months they took 4 of the top 5 spots...
24 times they took 3 of the top 5 spots...
19 times they took 2 of the top 5...
9 times where four of the five people were slacking and only one made the top ten...

There have NEVER been any months where NONE of these five people have made the top five...


This month Chad, Al, Rebecca and Chris all are in the bottom half of the top ten... And Ivan falls off the top ten entirely. The top five have been captured entirely by the folks that in the past have poked up into the top five only occasionally, but more often live a little lower in the rankings.

So congratulations to Barb, Kelly, Marilyn, Cynthia and Ron... who together have staged a coup, and have taken over the top five from the usual crown holders! Good job! Congratulations, and keep it up! We’ll see if any of the old timers can climb their way back into the top five next month or if you all can hold them off!

Oh, and you can blame it on Chad too. ONE more email anytime during the month and he would have tied for #5, and he could have prevented this! :-)

Rank Total Name Address
1 342 Barbara May
2 175 Kelly McGowan
3 174 Marilyn Dadowski
4 160 Cynthia Minter
5 92 Ron Adams
6 91 Chad Hunter
7 67 Al Michael
8 56 Rebecca Livingston
9 55 Chris Morrow
10 35 Carrie Opheim

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