May 2001

Well, time for May's Top Ten! The list this month is basically the usual suspects doing the usual things, with a few interesting notes.

First, there is one person making the list for the first time ever. So here is a quick welcome to Lesley. Welcome to the exciting world of Sam's email top ten. Reni also makes the list again for the first time since July 1999.

Two in means two out (at least usually). So this month Cynthia and Barb fall off the list. Perhaps if they send more mail they will be back before too long. :-) Meanwhile Marilyn doesn't drop off the list, but after her spike up to take the number one spot last weeks fades fast and returns to the bottom half of the top ten where she usually lives.

And that's about it for the excitement in May. I was actually thinking there might be even more shakeup, but a few people I thought might make the top ten ended up JUST under the cut off. We'll see if June brings any additional interesting events. :-)

Rank Total Name Address
1 131 Chad Hunter
2 122 Rebecca Livingston
3 90 Al Michael
4 60 Iván Bou
5 49 Ron Adams
6 48 Chris Morrow
7 45 Kathy Wilson
8 39 Marilyn Dadowski
9 36 Lesley Anderson
10 29 Reni Gorman

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