August 2001

The year is just flying by. It is time for August's Top Ten! Ivan and Cynthia slip off the list, allowing Marilyn and Reni to climb back onto the list. In addition, there has been a lot of shakeup in the top five. Barb, Lesley and Marilyn push their way into the top five, pushing out regulars Rebecca and Al. Chad however, regains the top spot, and from all reports intends to stay there.

Rank Total Name Address
1 206 Chad Hunter
2 190 Barbara Christman
3 99 Lesley Anderson
4 93 Marilyn Dadowski
5 91 Chris Morrow
6 78 Rebecca Livingston
7 63 Ron Adams
8 61 Al Michael
9 43 Kathy Wilson
10 20 Reni Gorman

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