September 2000

Well, once again I'm in a hurry because I'm about to leave town. So I'm not saying much. Chad appears twice this month due to a change of addresses. Marilyn comes back to the list with a new address too. Nothing else much too exciting.

Oh, except one thing! For the first time... EVER... there has been a tie for first place. This is partially due to the fact that this was a very light month, but hey, there is still a tie! And guess who tied? That's right, Rebecca and Chris. I'm sure they planned it.

Rank Total Name Address
1 88 Chris Morrow
Rebecca Livingston
3 76 Chad Hunter
4 70 Al Michael
5 42 Ron Adams
6 36 Chad Hunter
7 28 Cynthia Minter
8 25 Shannon Duff
9 16 Marilyn Dadowski
10 14 Iván Bou

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