December 2000

Well, here we go with another top ten. This time as we officially closed out the 20th century (a year later than the big parties) we had a fairly calm month in the top ten. The top ten has been pretty calm for a long time. But that is fine. There really is no need for the major battles and email wars flooding my mailbox. I like it this way. Nice and calm.

The things of note this month... Barb returns to the top ten list for the first time since September 1999 and my dad makes the list for the first time since June 1996!! Over four years! Welcome back, it has been a long time. :-)

Also, Cynthia mounted a last minute email campaign in the last moments of the year 2000, which popped her over 100 messages, and up into the top five. This brings the first change in who is in the top five since July.

Oh, and one more thing. Probably because we were working a lot on his website in December, Ron wins the month for the first time since February.

Rank Total Name Address
1 203 Ron Adams
2 160 Chad Hunter
3 153 Rebecca Livingston
4 116 Al Michael
5 106 Cynthia Minter
6 81 Iván Bou
7 56 Chris Morrow
8 29 Barbara Christman
9 16 Marilyn Dadowski
William Minter

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