August 1999

Well, well, well... Chad seems to have been slacking again in August. He let Rebecca slip by and unexpectedly win the month once again. Rebecca may not be winning every month as she had originally planned, but Chad is far from being the uncontested leader. He does stumble and fall occasionally.

Other than that, nothing too interesting this month. Al appears with a brand spanking new email address now that he has a computer at home as well as at school. And there is also one other feature we haven't seen in a little while. We have a three way tie. Well, OK, it hasn't been that long, it happened in February, but hey, it is still semi-interesting.

No real races or anything though. Everyone just sort of calmly sent their email. Which is a good thing. Keeps me from going crazy. Or at least any more crazy.

Rank Total Name Address
1 260 Rebecca Livingston
2 243 Chad Hunter
3 130 Ron Adams
4 124 Al Michael
5 32 Iván Bou
6 27 Barbara Christman
7 25 Kathy Gosselin
8 20 Chris Morrow
Kristina Wagner
Carrie Opheim

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