Final 1999 Rankings

In 1999 I received 19375 personal email messages. That is up 34% from 1998. That averages to 1615 messages per month, or 53 messages per day. That mail came from 148 different email addresses. (Down 24% from 1998.) The top ten accounted for 86% of the personal email I received. Of the people who made the top ten list in 1999, the ranks ranged from #1 (of course) to #42 (Betsy Lott, with her Netmanage account). Of the people who NEVER made the top ten list, the highest ranked was my sister Cynthia Minter who came in at #29 for the year. Unlike last year, only one of the people falling off the list returned to the list with a new address. This was of course Al, who returned with two.

Full Rankings

Rank Total Name Address
1 5387 Chad Hunter
2 4275 Rebecca Livingston
3 1863 Al Michael
4 1541 Chris Morrow
5 1135 Al Michael
6 1082 Ron Adams
7 622 Iván Bou
8 384 Reni Gorman
9 266 Carrie Opheim
10 170 Randall Griffith