Final 1998 Rankings

It is time for the top ten of 1998. Yea!

Just like the last couple of years, let me give some background stats. In 1998 I recieved 14483 personal email messages. That is up 23% from 1997. That averages to 1207 messages a month or about 40 messages per day. That mail came from 195 different email addresses. (Up 23% from last year.) The top Ten accounted for 80% of the email I recieved. Of the people who made the monthly top ten at least once in 1997 the ranks ranged from #1 (of course) to #34 (Dave Peru). Of the people who never made the top ten this year, the highest ranked was #22 (Claire Harbeck). Compared to last year there is once again a high turnover in terms of addresses, but of addresses falling off the top ten from last year 4 out of 7 are just old email addresses which are now defunct and the people themselves did make the list again with new addresses.

Thanks for all the mail last year everybody. It has been a very good year overall for me and keeping up with all of you has been fun. I look forward to more mail from all of you in 1999!

Congratulations to all the winners, hope to see you all on the 1999 list too!

Full Rankings

Rank Total Name Address
1 3629 Chad Hunter
2 2189 Rebecca Livingston
3 1310 Ron Adams
4 1196 Dawn Glazier
5 826 Iván Bou
6 654 Reni Gorman
7 550 Chris Morrow
8 483 Jay Duff
9 370 Al Michael
10 340 Geoff Washburn